RouteIt- Free Street Travel

RouteIt- Free Street Travel 3.1.1

With more than 400+ virtual routes and about 700 more coming soon, you can route through almost any corner of the world.

A free travel app that lets you travel virtually around 1000 destination worldwide.

Sit back and tour around the world with this travel route guide before you plan your next trip to your favorite destination. No need to go through travel guides, maps, boring apps when you can gain the ultimate social experience with RouteIt: Travel Route Guide. With around 1000 routes that are categorized into 8 broad categories (Historic, Corporate, Educational, Wildlife, Shopping, Adventure, Carnival and Romantic) and 29 sub-categories.

Travel Guide: Take a virtual walk around the street maps of routes with Street view mode to experience the surroundings of the world. This app is not only limited for travelers planning their trip also, users who would like to experience virtual travel through street view. Awesome imagery presented by google street view which have been embedded in this travel route guide.

Social Circle: Just in-case you feel to connect to other route explorers around the world we have embedded social features like facebook, twitter, gmail etc. where you can check out which routes are famous among other travelers. share the information with your friends around travel attractions. You can also check how many users have walked checked a single route, walking currently & completed it. with social integration of such features

Main Features:

Travel attractions around the routes having point of interest.

Multiple Pitstops while planning a route.

Street view gives the virtual travel experience.

Get information like traffic and weather for routes

Quiz around travel attractions

RouteIt- Free Street Travel


RouteIt- Free Street Travel 3.1.1